Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Ain't No Poet

A Pond
            I am fishing in a pond with no fish. My canoe is riddled with holes. It was never meant for water. Just a display piece I picked up from a flea market. Lucky for me the pond isn’t even deep enough to float in. Just gives the illusion of floating. I wonder if that’s how Christ did it. I am surrounded by the smell of camp fires. Fallen trees burn and send embers into the sienna sky. A sunless sky is best for fishing. The sun would scare the fish away.
Griffey in The Simpsons, "Homer at the Bat"
For my Augmented Realities class at WWU I need to put together a creative final project. When I first came across the (now) infamous "creative final project" in an English class many quarters ago I was thrilled. I couldn't believe that the teacher was giving me so much freedom. I could do anything I wanted!

Insert shitty "documentary" with shaky camera and awkward group members.

Quarters later I had a shot at redemption with another class that called for a creative final project!

Insert shitty mock music video made on a flip cam.


After hours and hours being pumped into these group projects I started questioning my creative side, which is pretty unfortunate seeing as one of my majors is creative writing. Would I be destined for just...writing?

Well, in what is hopefully my final (orIwillfuckinglosemymind) quarter at WWU, after 5 long years, I have been given a final chance for a creative culminating project, and yes I chose to do a blog.

I have never done a blog, so this will probably be as awkward as my first time with a girl so give me a break, but I thought it would give me a chance to explore different outlets. Also, it puts the responsibility fully on my shoulders. So if when all is said and done this blog turns out to be shitty at least I will know that the shittyness all along has been my own.

What should you expect?

Creative Writing
Things that make me laugh
Things that make me go "Oh shit!"
Things that piss me off
General life observations that no one will care about, but where in my head I will be like, "as soon as I get home I am blogging about this because everyone will definitely care about this"

And more...

So take a break from pinterest or porn...let's be real it's porn...and enjoy this space that I have created.